Four Corners Monument

Four Corners Monument in New Mexico.

Four Corners Monument in New Mexico.  The only place in the USA where four states intersect. 

When my boys were toddlers, I always wished that I could be in four or five places at once. I finally got to do it when I visited the Four Corners Monument.  Ok, just kidding.  I did not get to fulfill THAT wish.  One of my many sci-fi moments. More on that on another post.

We traveled from Albuquerque, NM, as we were attending the Balloon Fiesta to Navajo Nation Park, which is where the monument is located, where you can simultaneously straddle the territory of four states. Yes, four states at once. If you had a bucket list and short on time, this is the place to go.  This park is maintained as a tourist attraction by the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Department.  Four Corners Monument is a tourist destination in its own right.

What is there to see at Four Corners?

The monument consists of a granite disk embedded with a smaller bronze disk around the point, surrounded by smaller, appropriately located state seals and flags representing both the states and tribal nations of the area.

Circling the point, starting from the north, the disk reads with two words in each state “Here meet in freedom under God four states”. Around the monument, local Navajo and Ute artisans sell souvenirs and food. An admission fee of $5.00, is required to view and photograph the monument.

The monument is in a very remote area in New Mexico.  Please bring snacks and drinks as there are no vending machines. There are few picnic tables towards the rear of the monument, although we didn’t see anybody using them.

Please dispose of your trash in the appropriate receptacles provided. There are restrooms located in the park.

Four Corners is a popular tourist attraction despite its remote and isolated location. As early as 1908, people traveled long distances to take pictures of family and friends at the monument.

When we returned from our trip, we were often asked if the trip was worth it.  And our answer remains the same, YES, and we are looking forward to our trip to Utah, next year. 

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