Yes,  another blog about Miami.  But, this is not your usual Miami blog. You see, Miami IS my hometown. I live here and have been here since the 60s. I have seen Miami turn from a little vacation spot for the rich to a destination for all who enjoy what this town has to offer. Not only will I show you the places to hang out at the beach but also the places where the locals go.


Miami is home to diverse cultures, such as the Cubans, I consider myself a Cuban American, Nicaraguans, Colombians, Argentines, Venezuelans, and many many more. I love Miami for its different ethnicities and the best thing, food. Oh my, they are all so different, but so tasty.


Travel with me as we explore my city  like you have not experienced it before. Of course, I will show  all the beaches, including South Beach, located off the mainland between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, which attracts a cosmopolitan mix of beachgoers during the day and is the epicenter of Miami-area nightlife. The place to people watch.


I will show you the little known places that tourists are not aware of and most locals go. Allow me to show you my city, thru my eyes.   Don’t be fooled. I will let you in on the  the “must do” attractions, as well. I will always let you know the most affordable places to eat, where the locals go for shopping and what to do.  


Take the family to Haulover Beach for surfing and barbecues. Never a dull moment along our ocean coast. Not into the beach? No problem. Depending on the season you travel, sports enthusiasts can enjoy local games played by MLB’s Miami Marlins, the Miami Heat basketball team, or the Dolphins of the Hard Rock Stadium. Not into sports? Maybe shopping? I will let you in on that too.


For cultural exposure, visit the Little Havana neighborhood, a welcoming Cuban-American community with great food, historic landmarks like the Walk of Fame, and the annual Calle Ocho Festival which is held every March. This celebration of Cuban heritage includes a plethora of activities, which include, mouth watering food, live music, and much more. There are also plenty of water sports options for those who enjoy fishing, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, and diving.

So, come with me, and see Miami thru my eyes.