Wide Thread Wrapped Headband



Large Thread Wrapped Headband-Handmade in Mexico.

Original and one of a kind design. Created by the well-known artisans of the Oaxaca region of Mexico.

Length tip to tip: 14.5 Inches
Center Width: 1.3 Inches

Colors: Brown, Black, White

Care Instructions:  Hand wash only with mild detergent and cold water.

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Handmade Wide Thread Wrapped Headbands-Bohemian Style-Made by Artisans. 

Thread Wrapped Large Headband-Handmade in Mexico by Artisans-Intricate Details.

We hope that our products compliment all your outfits, trips, events and meetings.

Original design. Made of High Quality thread.  Handmade, by true Native Artisans. Won’t Break Easily. Durable and Made to Last! Perfect for Everyday Wear, Won’t Tear or Rip. 

Dimensions:  Tip to Tip 14.5 Inches.  Center Width: 1.3 inches

Colors: Brown, Blue and Multiple Colors.

Care Instructions: Hand wash with a soft brush and mild detergent. Let Air Dry. Do not place it in Dryer.

Thread wrapped hand made head bands with intricate design, will compliment any outfit.. Our handmade original design and craftsmanship make our thread wrapped headband stand out. Sturdy products due to the double thread technique implemented in the creation of our wonderful headpiece. The headband can be worn in the office or an evening out around town. Great for any occasion.

When you purchase any one of our handmade products, you are helping to preserve and spread the beauty of the artisans craftsmanship, creativity and their culture.

We personally work one on one with the artisans from the Oaxaca and Chiapas region of Mexico. We plan to expand to other communities around Mexico as each region has their own design.