Zocalo Mexico City

Zocalo-Historic Center-Mexico City-CDMX

Zocalo Mexico City.

One of the greatest curiosities of the “Zocalo” or “Plaza de la Constitución” is that its existence dates back more than five centuries.

It is a place where the three great moments of Mexico come together: its original roots, the colonial past and a modern present that has evolved over the years.

The Zocalo of Mexico is located on the esplanade of the old Tenochtitlan and its most impressive feature is its large size since it measures 240 meters wide and 240 meters long, which gives a total area of almost six hectares and makes it the second-largest square in the world and the first one among Spanish-speaking countries.

Beyond being historically the seat of the political, economic and religious power of Mexico, this is a very vital space that represents the place where thousands of citizens congregate to celebrate important events (such as national, cultural and artistic holidays, as well as protest demonstrations).

It has also had a great boom in Mexican society since that is where the union and “interaction of races” takes place.

Do you think you saw it online? Well, it’s totally probable!

First of all, around it, there are the most famous restaurants and shops in the city and, in addition, there are the gigantic letters “CDMX” with which the hundreds of travelers who visit the country take pictures every day.
Its informal name “Zócalo” comes from the following fact: to commemorate the Independence of Mexico in 1843, Antonio López de Santa Ana ordered the construction of a monument there.

Nevertheless, this was never erected and only the base or what would be “A Column of Independence remained in the center of the square. Since then, the word “Zócalo” became synonymous with the central square for all Mexicans.