Fuente de Cibeles

Fuente de Cibeles-CDMX-Mexico City-Beyond My Horizon

Fuente de Cibeles in Mexico, in the area of Roma Norte.

Mexico, in addition to its exquisite dishes and beautiful chaos, has spectacular places. One of the most prominent is the Fuente de Cibeles, an exact replica of the same Fuente de Cibeles in Spain. It is located at the intersection of Oaxaca, Durango, Medellín and El Oro streets in Mexico City.

Its importance can be seen in the fact that it was named, in 1980, as a symbol of the brotherhood between the two cities that share it, that is to this date., Madrid and Mexico City.

It is a monument of 12 tons and more than 15 ft high. The one in Spain is made of marble and the one in Mexico is made of iron.

To talk a little about its design, the original Madrid source was made by the architect Ventura Rodríguez and the sculptors Francisco Gutiérrez Arribas and Roberto Michel between 1777 and 1792. Subsequently, an identical model was donated by Spanish residents to Mexico City. This one was inaugurated on September 5, 1980, by President José López Portillo, Madrid Mayor Enrique Tierno Galván and by the Head of the DF Department Carlos Hank González. In other words, its construction is attributed to the same Spaniards who created the original version.

In mid-2011, the Head of Government of the Federal District, Marcelo Ebrard, announced that the source was on the list of 67 buildings that would undergo a renovation whose objective is to save 30% of electricity consumption.

This included the reintegration of missing pieces, the restoration of bronze sculptures, the rehabilitation of the pumping system, improvement of the green areas and lighting of the place. It is restored to its great splendor!

As for its symbolism, the fountain consists of the goddess of Cibeles’ statue, who is the daughter of heaven and earth, wife of Saturn and mother of Jupiter.

She wears a crown, scepter and a key, element that represents the power she has over the earth and the seasons. Similarly, she goes in a car pulled by lions and they symbolize the mythological characters Hippomenes and Atalanta.

The Fountain of Cibeles can be found in the Roma Norte neighborhood of Mexico City.

Check out my Google 360 View of the Fuente de Cibeles: https://bit.ly/3uIAK5K