Diana The Huntress Fountain

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Diana The Huntress Fountain in Mexico City

The monumental Diana the Huntress fountain was created to honor the goddess of ancient Greece Artemis, goddess of the hunt, represented by the use of the bow and arrows but with the intention that her objective to hunt was the northern stars, connotation that gave name to the arrow of the stars of the north.

It is located in Mexico City, specifically on the Paseo de la Reforma.

This monument arose from the initiative carried out between the 30s and 60s by the authorities of the capital to beautify the areas of the capital.

Its construction was in charge of the architect Vicente Mendiola and the sculptor Juan Fernando Olaguíbel between April and September of the year 1942.

Diana The Huntress Inauguration

Then, it was inaugurated on October 10 of that same year by the president of the time Manuel Ávila Camacho.

The “Fuente de la Flechadora de las Estrellas del Norte” had a great impact on Mexican society at the time and easily gained her affection, and a new name “La Diana Cazadora” by the public, it is a Roman name, equivalent to Artemis.

Likewise, the identity of who had been the inspiration for this work was a mystery until 1992, but then it was learned that the model who posed for Juan Fernando Olaguíbel was a 16-year-old girl named Helvia Martínez Verdayes, who years later received recognition by the Mexican Senate and got the “Alas de la Ciudad” award by the government of Mexico City for their active participation and for being the face of such creation.

Sadly, Helvia Martines Verdayes passed away February 12,2022.  She was 98 years old.

“Diana The Huntress Fountain” has an art deco style and weighs approximately 2 tons. It underwent modifications by pressure of the authorities for being considered little conservative, placing a canvas structure under the waist but said ornament was removed from the monument in 1974, leaving it as it was originally.