Dark Side Chapultepec Park

Dark Side Chapultepec Park Mexico City-Beyond My Horizon

Dark Side Chapultepec Park

According to some, the park has a dark side as well. You probably never thought about it, but one of the most peaceful places in the capital takes you to hell itself, or so the legend of the Bosque de Chapultepec states.

Legend says that there is an area in Chapultepec Park that has an entrance to the underworld. Yes, I know.  How could something so creepy exist in such a beautiful place. Keep reading. 

Every chilango knows that the Audiorama is always a good plan: it is usually empty, accompanied by barely perceptible music and is far from the chaos that the castle, the lake and the zoo suffer from. But what only a few know is that this space also keeps an incredible legend of the Chapultepec Forest.

To understand how this myth arose, the first thing you should know is that Cerro del Chapulín has always been a favorite place for the inhabitants of the Valley of Mexico since pre-Hispanic times. In fact, it was known as the “Emerald of Anahuac” and it was, for many peoples, a sacred space in which nature honored the inhabitants with all its wealth.

Within this immense landscape, the Mexicas believed that Cincalco was found, a portal that led directly to Mictlán. According to the legend of the Bosque de Chapultepec, it was there, during the year 7, where Huemac, the last Toltec ruler, took his own life or, at least, entered never to leave, after suffering decline and death. Left his town in ruin. 

Where is this entrance? Glad you asked!. The entrance to the underworld is in the Audiorama (currently closed)  according to the legend. There you have it! Didn’t think you would find such a legend, right in the middle of Mexico’s capital. But we did.