Basilica de Guadalupe in Mexico City

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Basilica de Guadalupe in Mexico City

La Basilica de Guadalupe,  is located in the northern part of Mexico City, very close to the hill of Tepeyac. It is part of the religious complex of Tepeyac, an enclosure formed by various religious buildings. It was the first building built to offer worship to the Virgin Mary in her invocation of Guadalupe.

The legend states that at the beginning of the 16th century there were several apparitions of the Virgin of Guadalupe (please note that the original Virgin of Guadalupe had its origin in Extremadura, Spain), is always accompanied by great miracles.

One of these apparitions, which is said to be the most important, is the one that took place before a character known by the name of Juan Diego, whom, according to legend, the Virgin asked him to build a church in the place of his apparition.

Supposedly, Juan Diego had to beg the bishops to authorize the construction of the temple, which finally gave in.

When the building was already finished, it is said that Juan filled his cloak with roses to offer them to the Bishop and that, when he emptied it, the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe was imprinted in his cloth.

Basilica de Guadalupe is one of the most visited sites in CDMX.

The Basilica de Guadalupe is currently one of the most visited Marian precincts in the world, receiving at least a few million visits of pilgrims, mainly on December 12, the day on which Santa María de Guadalupe is commemorated.

The site has the capacity to house more than 10 thousand people and has activities for all types of evangelizing public that promote local traditions and culture.

It has undergone major renovations in recent years and has now been restored almost entirely with the intention that its useful life will last and without neglecting the baroque style that has characterized it for years.

It belongs to the archdiocese of Mexico and is also known as “Insigne and National Basilica of Santa María de Guadalupe”.

Each year, this temple receives at least the double of visitors than the best known Marian shrines, being surpassed only by the Basilica of St. Peter, fact that constitutes a social and cultural phenomenon.

By 1976, it was necessary to open a new basilica to allow access to a greater number of pilgrims, since the old infrastructure was very unstable and it was considered dangerous.

This new building is located west of the Atrium of the Americas and south of the Tepeyac hill and was designed by architects: José Luis Benlliure, Pedro Ramírez Vázquez, Alejandro Schoenhofer, Fray Gabriel Chávez de la Mora and Javier García Lascuráin.