Alameda Central

Alameda Central Park in Mexico City-Beyond My Horizon

Alameda Central Park in Mexico City.

The Alameda Central is a public park located in Mexico City, Mexico. It is widely known for its historic value because of its antiquity, which goes as far back as 1592.

Likewise, it shows a strong Greek and European influence on its construction. Due to the fact that it was inspired by Hercules’ Alameda on Sevilla, Spain, which is the perfect European analogy for the Mexican one.

To further explain this point, Alameda Central is regarded as the oldest public garden in Mexico and America, whereas Hercules’ Alameda is the oldest one in both Spain and Europe.

Given this fact, Alameda Central is deeply cared for in the Mexican land because of its 400 years of being part of the urban landscape in the city.

At the same time, the Alameda Central represents a king’s way to unite its people, because it was built with the purpose of serving as a center of reunion for people of all classes, so they could go out and spend some time talking or doing other activities.

This idea came from the vice king Luis de Velazco, who deeply understood people’s need to share moments in a public area.

Stroll down the many paths of the Alameda Central Park.

Thus, this park is a symbol of a place in which social minorities have been found throughout history; such as prostitutes or homeless people. Because of this, the Alameda Central has been represented in other artworks such as the painting made by Rodríguez Lozano, who painted his friend in the park. Said painting is currently located at the National Museum of Art.

Finally, a few years ago the park was considered for a makeover, and after eight months of building and hard work, it was opened once more to the public in September 2012.

Fountains, parks and the Juárez Hemicycle were restored, so the park is now once again beautiful and is widely visited by both Mexican people and foreigners.

Today, you can see skaters, music enthusiasts, dancers, performers, and vendors at the Alameda Central.

Don’t miss visiting this beautiful park in the middle of the city.