Hi! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Issa Gomez.  I am a baby boomer, mom, wife, foodie, dreamer and traveler.  I have been curious about the world and decided to explore it. I decided to turn my passion into a site that I could share with like minded people.

This is where I share entertaining stories, useful travel tips, fun videos, inspiring photographs  and adventures from my travels around the world.
It’s a place for people like you, who are looking for daily inspiration & motivation to live a life full of adventure and open your mind to new possibilities.

Come with me and allow me to share my experience through this beautiful blue and green world and discover, what is beyond my horizon! Who knows, maybe I will inspire you to do the same.

Why the name, beyond my horizon?

There is a true story behind the title. Honest. It all happened when my husband and I went to Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2004. We were looking forward to visiting Mendoza which is located in  northwest section of the country. We were told that there was a tourism office in Buenos Aires. We decided to go to the district and find the tourism office. This was way before GPS and smartphones.

We were in a the area and decided to ask a gentleman that had a newspaper stand in the corner, as they usually know what’s around. He stated, with much conviction, that he had worked in the same stand for 30 years and didn’t know of any tourism office. For those of you who might wonder, my husband is from Buenos Aires and he speaks fluent spanish.

Our immediate thought that we would have to wing it and follow the map and leave it to our sense of adventure. We decided to walk around as we were sightseeing anyway. Guess what was five blocks down? The tourism office for Mendoza. Yes, this person had worked 30 years in the same stand and was not aware of his surroundings! I was upset that he lied to us. But then, what if he truly didn’t know? And I remember turning to my husband and just commenting that, it was so sad that a person didn’t know what was beyond the horizon. In spanish, it’s “mas alla de sus narices”.

So there you have it.  There is almost always a story behind a title.

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