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Online store, selling handmade items from Mexico and sharing our travel experiences along the way.

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Hi, I’m Issa. Thanks for stopping by our store. My husband and I have been traveling from Florida to Mexico, for vacation, for almost 3 years now. You are probably wondering why visit Mexico so often? I’m glad you asked. First, the weather and altitude agree with me. I was involved in a car accident, had a back injury and discovered the weather and altitude make my pain a little more tolerable. It’s also great that it’s a short plane ride from Florida. Food is fantastic and the people are great. After many trips, bringing gifts to my family and friends and seeing their reaction, we wanted to share the many beautiful products that are handmade by the Mexican artisans. Also, gives us the opportunity to help some of the indigenous groups around Mexico get back on their feet again, after Covid. Our sales have created economic opportunities for just a couple of families at this time. Helping one person/family at a time is fine for now. We are hopeful that we can do more in the future. So with that said, we decided to start our online store and share some of our travel experiences along the way. We hope you enjoy our site and blog. Thanks for visiting!
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Discovering the many beautiful handmade products that are created in Mexico by the different ethnic group of artisans, we decided to help the artisans show their creations to the world through our online store.
Hi, I'm Issa. Traveling and shopping are just two of my favorite hobbies. For years, my husband and I have been visiting Mexico and discovered the most beautiful handmade items along the different states. This is my little corner of the internet that allows me to share with you my findings! Who knows, maybe you will find that special gift.

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